Kota Kinabalu Food Royal China Restaurant @ D’Junction, Penampang

by Admin on May 10, 2012

Good news for Dim Sum’s lovers!! Royal China is currently having 50% discount on Dim Sum from Monday to Saturday (except on public holiday and Sunday).

Royal China Restaurant
D-Junction, 2nd Floor,
Jalan Penampang, 88300 KK.
Tel: 088-703300, Fax: 088-729900

Siu Mai

The price of the Dim Sum vary from RM4.50 to RM7.50 before discount while the charges for Chinese Tea is RM1.60 per pax.
Waiters in the restaurant will push the dim sum cart to from table to table and you can choose your favourite dishes accordingly.
Loh Mai Kai
Steamed Beef Ball
Har Gao
Steamed Pork Ribs
Salad Prawn Dumpling
Wu Kok (Yam Pastry)
Stir-Fried Radish Cake

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