Kota Kinabalu Food Coffee Tea @ 1 Borneo

by Admin on April 7, 2012

Coffee Tea is a humble cafe located next to an optical shop near Giant. This cafe is easily noticeable with its huge crowds during peak hours. From Kuching Laksa, Soup Noodle to Fried Rice and Macau Pork/Chicken Bun, the cafe serves decent yet affordable meal which attracted many staffs as well as shop-goers patronizing.

Coffee Tea
Location: Lower Ground Floor, near Giant, next to optical shop

Tom Yam Meehoon RM6.50
Infused with delicious spices, the Tom Yam Meehoon was fragrantly good and spicy. Served with prawn, cuttlefish, straw mushroom and meehoon, garnished with coriander, the portion was just right and fulfilling.

Foo-Yong Egg Rice RM6.50
Foo-Yong Egg is an omelet with char siu, prawn and spring onion. It is a popular homemade Chinese dish which goes really well with rice. SImple yet tasty.

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